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Cycle of Universe

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I took inspiration from “The Last Question” by Isaac Asimov – a short science fiction story published in 1956 about humanity’s inability to prevent the eventual heat death of the universe. I was blown away by the story’s ambitious setting along with its philosophical approach in exploring the limits of existence on a cosmic scale.

Inspired by Asimov's story, my project is an interactive simulation of a universe where the user can initiate the "Big Bang" of their own universe, then look around while modifying attributes of their universe before it reaches the end of its life span. The simulated microcosm of the universe provides an opportunity to consider our existence on a cosmic scale - a perspective not often conjured up when preoccupied with the routines of day to day living.

This project was created using P5.js with WebGL. It is best experienced in full screen with the sound turned on, as the music will react to the user input alongside the visual elements, formulating an immersive interactive experience.

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P5.js, WebGL


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