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Animation – Cornell Box

This week I made a Cornell box using Unity. The box is created with a street food theme, inspired by my own experience in China walking through the busy streets, passing vendors selling various delicious snacks.

Animation_streetFood_CornellBox_Unity from Jack on Vimeo.

The assets for the projects were found from a variety of free sources online including the unity asset store, sketchFab among other sites. The environment of the box contains two street food vending carts, some cardboard boxes, a bike and a street sign, along with a cracked egg on the corner which is way too big. I added a video of a busy Chinese city in the background with sound to further represent the environment which inspired my Cornell box, along with a point light which moves around on the floor to simulate the flashing lights around a busy city.

The interaction of the box are the three buttons labelled “yum” “mmm” and “nomnom” which when pressed, will spawn food in the box. It was challenging to set up the interaction as a first time Unity user, but I did it with the help of my friend Lucas.

Making the box was a good exercise for me to familiarize with some basic functions of Unity including:

  1. importing and placing assets

  2. animating objects

  3. basic lighting

  4. physics with ridgitbody and collider

  5. placing a video

  6. post processing & building

I still have a lot to learn about the software before I can use it efficiently.

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