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Animation Week 1 – Stop Motion

This week I created two short stop motion animation videos using stop motion studio with my iPhone as the camera and a bit of Adobe Premiere for editing. To hold my phone in place, I used the phone holder on my DJI ronin SC – a camera stabilizer with comes with an attachable phone holder.

stabilizer with phone holder

The first video I made is a loop showing a sausage and a rectangular cheese going to sleep and waking up together in a Grimm’s Fine Foods Turkey Peps & Cheddar (Turkey Pepperoni & White Cheddar Cheese Sticks) package. The most challenging part of the shooting was shooting the part where the cheese block rolls up the blanket; I wanted the blanket to close fully but the packaging can only be opened once, so I had to shoot the frames backwards starting with the package fully closed, and then frame by frame showing the cheese opening the package and the two leaving the package. In Adobe Premiere, I reversed the footage so it starts from the two food objects coming into frame and closing the packaging. I also added the good morning & good night sound effect to match the story and played the same footage in reverse order again to make it a loop.

Sausage & Cheese – Stop Motion from Jack on Vimeo.

The second video I made is a Clone Trooper figurine firing a blaster shot at a big pillow seal. The pillow seal is unaffected by the blast and bounces onto the Clone Trooper, causing him to flee. For this video, I added sound and visual effects for the clone trooper’s blaster fire on Adobe Premiere.

Clone & Seal – Stop Motion from Jack on Vimeo.

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