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Animation week 3 – After Effects scene render

This week, we continued working on our group project. After familiarizing additional functions in After Effects in this week’s class, our group decided to expand on our original idea to apply the new techniques we learned. Instead of just animating characters having a zoom call, we will have the characters talk about their life and animate the scenes from their story.


Each member of our group will animate a character and their backstory. My character is the same doge from my previous animation, and the backstory scene I rendered this week is doge working on a film set.

Doge filmmaking – After Effects Animation Scene from Jack on Vimeo.

I implemented the 3D objects and camera in After Effects when creating this scene. The scene consist of a background movie studio layer, a middle film crew layer, a close layer of the doge, and a video monitor screen layer that is slightly behind the doge. I also animated the doge with two movements on its head and right hand to make it more vivid. I also added an ambient sound effect and a flashback blur effect in Adobe Premiere.

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