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Focus pulling for Virtual Camera (Unreal Engine + Arduino)

This is an implementation of my project idea from the previous blog:

Using the UE4Duino plugin for Unreal Engine, I was able to connect Unreal Engine with Arduino through serial. With a potentiometer on the Arduino side giving analog data mapped to a virtual camera's focus distance inside Unreal Engine.

After getting the mechanism to work, I experimented with making a simple housing and fabrication for the device using a cardboard box for housing and a handle made from moldable plastic to turn the potentiometer. The handle does not fit very well onto the potentiometer, but it was a good way to test the size quickly.

On the Unreal side, I created some logics in the level blueprint which opens and closes the serial port and reads the data from the Arduino (made into a variable)

Then, data is read in each loop, printed out on the screen and linked to the focus distance of a virtual camera placed in the scene

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