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ICM week 1

p5js alien

I made this alien in P5.js for this week’s excercize!

Making the alien was a good way to practice drawing basic shapes and colors. It was also a good practice for me to remember labeling the components of my code by using “//” to make comments; drawing and modifying all the different parts of the body (head, face, arms etc.) would’ve been very hard to organize if I didn’t label each components as I code them.

labeling each components

With a background in film and photography, I had close to zero knowledge to coding prior to coming to ITP. However, I do have a general interest in new technologies and I like to think about how future technologies will shape human society. This interest has so far been reflected in my films and photo works, which often explores science fiction themes. I don’t have a specific goal in mind for what I want to do with P5, but I’ve seen a lot of great interactive/generative artworks from my classmates during the orientation meetings so I might try something in that style to start.

I also had an idea to make an interactive film where the audience can switch between different cameras in real time as they watch the story; I have made a very primitive prototype of such a video before coming to ITP with the help of a computer science friend. Essentially this is done by recording the same scene from different camera angles and then coding a interface which allow the audience to switch between different videos as they play. Once I have more knowledge in coding, I would be able to do the coding aspect of similar projects myself.

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