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Jack Chen Concept Map

My concept outlines the plan for making a virtual camera focus pulling device.

In real life film sets, a crew member will be responsible for adjusting the focus of the camera during the shoot. With the popularization of virtual production, virtual cameras inside the 3D environment are used to render out 3D cinematic sequences. My project will add a physical input for adjusting the focus on virtual cameras inside Unreal Engine.

Description of the map;

With the virtual camera and scene set up in Unreal Engine, the UE4Duino plugin will be used to receive data from Arduino, which will then be used to control the focus distance of the virtual camera. On the other hand, a potentiometer will be setup on an Arduino, connected to the computer running Unreal Engine through a USB cable. Arduino IDE will be opened on the computer to receive the value of the potentiometer, which will communicate with UE4Duino to transfer the data to Unreal Engine.

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