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Manufacturing Celebrity W2

"Trust me I'm lying" introduces the easily manipulated cycle of media from the perspective of a former advertiser. The reading provided a detailed description of how the author generated attention grabbing controversies by taking advantage of the way information gets spread from smaller sources such as blogs to national level headlines. While it is very eye opening to read about how the author manipulated the media cycle, what I found more thought provoking is the conclusion that even without media manipulators, false information still gets circulated as words gets taken out of context and seemingly more credible media sources often rely on less established sources for stories.

Although it is disappointing to learn about the contemporary money driven flawed media cycle, it does not come as a surprise considering that we live in a profit driven capitalist society, along with the way how complex and accurate information has always been hard to spread on a massive scale. In fact, the optimistic side of me is hopeful that publications such as "Trust me I'm lying" can gradually change people's understanding of how information is spread and lead to the eventual improvement of the way we spread information in our society.

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