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Mixed Reality Filmmaking Intro

This is a self introductory blog for the Camera & Capture / Mixed reality filmmaking class.

With this class being one of my most anticipated one for the semester, I am excited to expand my skillsets in mixed reality filmmaking having done my undergrad in film and recently digging into Unreal Engine after taking a class on Virtual Production last semester.

Having been a gamer and film watcher most of my life, I first started making short films in high school inspired by cinematic video games such as Call of Duty (A series which I still love but have a bit more of a mixed opinion towards in recent years). Even though I've always been interested in video games, it was not until last semester that I started experimenting with game engines and 3D modelling through classes that touched on Unreal Engine and Cinema4D. Now that I've learned the very basics of 3D modelling and Unreal Engine, I'm very excited to continue learning about virtual production/visual effects and is considering finding internships and jobs in such fields if the opportunity arises, as it is a field which combines my love for films and video games.

Some of my works can be found on the rest of my website, the link to the home page is here in case if the menu navigation on my blog is confusing:

Some of my favorite genres/aesthetic are Action (guns and martial arts), Sci-Fi (cyberpunk and space exploration), and Vaporwave/Synthwave.

Here is a fight scene I acted in:

Here is a trailer to a Blade Runner fan film that I recently finished:

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