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MRF - Space surveillance station in Unreal Engine

This week, I began creating my environment in Unreal Engine - a surveillance station in space. Built in a dystopian future, the space station has brutalist interior and is kept in poor shape. The art direction of the station interior will be inspired by the Chernobyl control room, the video game "Observer", but with a full view of the Earth outside the station window.

I began building the environment by first creating the Earth in space, this was done following this tutorial by Unreal Sensei:

After creating a realistic looking Earth with dynamic reaction to light and moving clouds, I moved on to import potential assets to use for building the space station. There are several space/Sci-Fi related assets available for free in the epic marketplace, I will continue browsing to find other potentially useful assets for the project.

Finally, I built a basic room shape with one of the sides providing the full view of the Earth. I will continue to add details to the environments in the following days.

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