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MRF - Unreal Engine Composure to After Effects test

This week we continued the After Effects > Maya > Unreal Engine pipeline by using composure in Unreal Engine to generate foreground and background elements to mix together a composite based on the original footage, then exporting the composite layers back into after effects for touch ups. It was a long process setting up composure with different layers and getting the footage into Unreal Engine, along with creating a compositing material. One issue I ran into is the keyed greenscreen footage not having a transparent background, even after I tried keying it again in Unreal Engine.

However, I was still able to create a foreground and background element for testing the pipeline.

After exporting the foreground and background layers separately, I was able to place the two layers into After effects with the original footage in between.

Once I've completed the process with the basic testing cubes in the scene, I went back and did the process again but with a colorful futuristic room I built in Unreal Engine.

The current iteration of the composite is far form being polished and I am still not very confident with my ability to repeat the composure process in Unreal Engine, but this was a successful test for familiarizing the process of syncing camera motion and compositing across After Effects, Maya, and Unreal Engine.

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