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MRF - Video Compositing in Unreal Engine & After Effects

This week, I created a video composite using After Effects, Unreal Engine, and Premiere by keying the greenscreen in After effects, then placing the keyed image sequence in Unreal Engine as a video texture.

First I found a greenscreen 3d video of a xenomorph on Youtube and used After Effects to key out the green before exporting it as an image sequence with alpha.

Then, the alien sequence is imported into Unreal Engine and made into a video texture, which was then placed on a plane inside an environment I've built.

Then, the sequencer was used to choreograph the camera movement.

Some post processing effects were added to make the visuals feel more realistic, including bloom, motion blur, and Chromatic Aberration.

Finally, the sequence in Unreal Engine was exported as an image sequence and placed into Premiere for some basic edits along with sound design.

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