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NOC Week1 - Random Walker

For this week's assignment my main idea is to create a 3D version of the random walking with webGL.

For my first sketch, I began with 3D rectangles random generating around the sketch. The result resembled a time lapse of a metropolis being built, so I modified the sketch to make it a city builder random walker by:

- rotating the rectangles to the side so the visual have more depth

- implementing a levy flight mechanic so there are more variety to the buildings' grouping

- varying the length of the rectangles so the buildings have different heights

I tried implementing a 2D Perlin noise visualization to simulate a terrain for the buildings to be built on, but the update pixel function does not seem to work with webGL, so I left the background grey.

This is my first sketch:

After the first sketch, I continued exploring the potential of making a 3D random walker by making another version where mouseY controls the Z axis of the shapes being generated, which in this case I used cubes. Having some variations on the Z axis does make a more dynamic visualization, I was happy with how it turned out.

Second sketch:

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