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pcomp week 1

circuit with button and leds

I didn’t have a DC adapter around and I don’t think it was listed on the tool list, so I just used the Arduino to power my circuits for this week’s labs.

broken LED

I accidentally plugged an LED into the wrong breadboard hole when making one of the circuits and the electric current fried the LED. This was a valuable lesson for me to always make sure to disconnect the power of the circuit when changing components.

testing resistance

following the tutorials, I used the multi-meter to test a variety of attributes across different objects. It was particularly interesting to test the resistance of the pencil sketch drawn on paper, having different readings across different distances also helped me to understand how resistance works.

For the switch lab, I made a boxing glove switch which turns on a fan when the glove is closed. I did this by wrapping aluminum around the wires and then taping the aluminum to the velcros on the glove. This way, when the glove is put on with the velcros touching, the aluminium with wires will touch too, completing the circuit which powers a motor with a fan attached.

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