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Visual Language – 2020 ITP Winter Show Poster Design

Winter Show Poster Design

Above is my design for the 2020 ITP Winter Show poster. I took a somewhat literal approach to the prompt of showing a “humanist” aspect of ITP by including Plato and Aristotle as painted in “School of Athens” by Raphael during the renaissance – two characters representing human knowledge painted during the Renaissance – a period known for its revival of humanist values.

I added VR goggles on top of Aristotle and Plato to draw parallel between the ancient Greeks’ humanist approach to art and philosophy and ITP’s human centered approach in design and innovation.

In the composition, I placed Plato and Aristotle on the button right of the poster so that Plato’s hand conveniently leads the viewers’ eyes to the event information placed near the center of the poster, with some computer graphics further up in the composition serving as a preview of the types of technology related contents which will be included in the show.

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